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Auburn ABC November Specials

Food Specials


Loma LindaEACH PriceSale PriceCASE PriceSale Price
FriChik (Regular & Low Fat) 12/12.5 oz.$8.19$7.79$85.79$81.99
Tender Bits 12/15 oz.$8.59$8.29$90.29$86.69
Vege-Burger 12/15 oz.$7.39$6.99$77.49$73.99


WorthingtonEACH PriceSale PriceCASE PriceSale Price
NEW! Vegan Pepperoni Slices 8/5.5 oz$7.49$7.19$52.59$49.99
Dinner Roast 6/2 lb.$20.99$19.29$110.29$99.99
Turkey Roll 4/4 lb.$38.69$36.79$135.39$128.79
Tuna Roll 12/12 oz.$6.99$6.69$74.09$69.99
Morningstar Farms
Grillers Original (food service) 4/12 ct.$15.79$15.09$55.49$52.89
Veggie Breakfast Bacon Strips (food service) 320 ct.$75.39$72.79


TitleEACH PriceSale Price
Senior – Shepherd King by David Metzler$21.99$17.99
Evening – To Be Like Jesus by Ellen White$21.99$17.99
Boxed Set – Shepherd King / To Be Like Jesus$37.99$31.99
Women – He Knows My Name, Karen Pearson, Editor$18.99$13.99
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