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Welcome to Auburn ABC


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Vegetarian | Vegan

Good Company

Because you can’t beat that.

Who are we?

Auburn ABC is your friendly neighborhood store for family-oriented books and vegetarian and vegan food products. We carry books on health and spiritual topics, as well as a wide selection of family friendly fiction and non-fiction.

We carry a full range of Bibles in English and Spanish for adults and children. We also offer engraving for Bibles, whether you bring in one of your own or purchase from us.

In terms of food, we offer products from manufacturers such as Loma Linda (formerly Worthington Foods), Companion, Butler Foods, Gardein, MorningStar Farms, and others, supplying bulk products to local businesses and locations all over Washington State. Not a business? That’s ok! We work with individuals, too. Simply visit our store or order online and pick up your food when it’s ready!

Located in Auburn, WA, we’ve made our home among scores of excellent businesses and warm families, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our community. So come on down, meet our friendly staff and see our fantastic selection for yourself!

What brands do we sell?

We sell from top quality brands like…

Brands you'll find in our store.

…and many more!

Why shop with us?

Auburn ABC is all about providing resources for those in our community to live a positive life. As a Seventh-day Adventist company, we believe that serving those around us is the best way to show God’s love.

We’ve been asked before. Please rest assured, you don’t have to be religious to shop with us. We welcome individuals and groups from all walks of life in our store. We simply can’t wait to meet you and we look forward to hearing your story!